Monday, June 15, 2020

2 NPA local leaders, 134 others surrender

From the Visayan Daily Star (Jun 15, 2020): 2 NPA local leaders, 134 others surrender

Two ranking leaders of the New People’s Army surrendered yesterday, while 134 members and rebel supporters abandoned the armed struggle and yielded Friday to the Philippine Army in Negros Island.

Among the surenderees were two siblings, who also surrendered a .30 caliberM1garand rifle and a .45 caliber pistol to the Army.

Lt. Col. Melvin Flores, 62nd Infantry Battalion commander, also reported last night the surrender of a couple, occupying key positions in the Central Negros Front 2 of the New People’s Army, that was facilitated by his unit and the Isabela Police Station.

The couple was identified by Flores through their aliases as Ka Dodong, a political instructor of Sentro de Grabidad Platoon of Central Negros Front 2, and his wife, Ka Lara, who is the medical officer of the same NPA unit.

Flores said that Ka Dodong also surrendered a .45 caliber pistol with two magazines containing 25 ammunition.

Lt. Col. Angelo Guzman, 94th Infantry Battalion commander, also reported that NPA member, alias Maria, 22, and her brother Jemel, 17, are with the seven Yunit Militia (YM) members and 40 rebel supporters, who surrendered to them on June 12 in Brgy. Mabato, Ayungon, Negros Oriental, as the country marked the 122nd Independence Day.

Guzman said that a former YM leader of the NPA, who was among the surenderees, also surrendered a .30 caliber M1 garand rifle.

The surrender of former rebels and their sympathizers was a product of the implementation of the Community Support Program of the 94IB in Brgy. Mabato, Ayungon, where four policemen were executed by rebels in July last year.

Guzman said YM members and supporters in a certain community are being organized by the NPA to provide them with financial and logistical support in fighting against the government.


Col. Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd Infantry Brigade commander, said yesterday that the former rebels will be enrolled in the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program, for them to avail of financial and livelihood support from the government.

Eighty-five Militia ng Bayan members of the NPA and local party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines in seven hinterland barangays of central Negros, have also surrendered to the 62nd Infantry Battalion.

Flores reported that the 85 former rebels, who are residents of Brgy. Montilla in Moises Padilla, Brgy. Puso in La Castellana, Brgy. Sebucauan and Brgy San Agustin, all in Isabela, Negros Occidental, as well as Brgys. Luz, Linantuyan, and Banwague all of Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, also denounced the CPP-NPA atrocities in their respective barangays, after pledging allegiance to the government, in a ceremony held at the 62nd Infantry Battalion headquarters in Brgy. Libas, Isabela, Negros Occidental.


He added that barangay officials and residents of Brgy. Montilla in Moises Padilla and Brgy. Puso in La Castellana, Negros Occidental also declared the CPP-NPA-NDF for Persona Non-Grata.

Flores lauded the decision of the 85 former rebels to abandon the armed struggle and the barangay officials in condemning CPP-NPA atrocities.

A peace rally was also held on June 12 by residents of Brgy. Canlandog in Murcia, who also denounced NPA violent activities, Maj. Franco Ver Lopez, 303IB Civil Military Operations officer, said yesterday.

Lopez said that Canlandog barangay residents led by barangay chairman Reynaldo Gawan who are observing COVID-19 health protocols, hoisted posters and tarpaulins, calling for an end to the "terrorist" activities, extortion, harassment, and deception of civilians, as well as recruitment of minors by the CPP-NPA.

Lt. Col. Gerard Alvaran, 79IB commanding officer, expressed his appreciation to the people of Brgy. Canlandog for their support in ending NPA atrocities through their peace rally.*

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