Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kalinaw News: Two fulltime NPA surrenders to Army

Posted to Kalinaw News (Apr 23, 2020): Two fulltime NPA surrenders to Army (By 71st Infantry (Kaibigan) Battalion)

Mawab, Davao de Oro – With Army’s continuous implementation of Community Support Program despite the pandemic COVID-19, two fulltime member of the Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT), voluntarily surrendered to 71st Infantry (Kaibigan) Battalion on April 21, 2020, early morning.

Two were identified as A.K.A Lando who served as Supply Officer of Weakened Guerilla Front 2 (WGF2), 56 years old, married with eight children and resident of Brgy, Cabuyoan, Mabini, Davao de Oro and A.K.A Narra who is a Political Guide of WGF2, 39 years old, single and resident of Brgy Andili, Mawab, Davao de Oro.

In an interview, Lando revealed his experiences in the terrorist group for three years. According to him, he was lured by Danilo Sila A.K.A. Pacat of a land to till and promised him Supporta sa Pamilya (SuPaMil). After years of joining the terrorist group he realized that none of the promised were fulfilled. Tired and weary, Lando decided to surrender not only because of the unfulfilled promised but because of the injustices he experienced in the terrorist group.

He also revealed that A.K.A. Jupiter, one of their leaders abused the wives of the members. According to Lando, Jupiter molested and raped wives of the ordinary fighters and some of it happened in their abode. On the other hand, A.K.A. Narra disclosed the membership of two child warriors who were recruited in the terrorist group named Wanwan and Wewen both 12 years old. Also students from University of the Philippines joins them in the hinterland, if the student is male he joins them for three months and if female joins them for a month which will served as their training, he said in particular.

This is a clear violation of Republic Act 7610 known as Special Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act wherein stated in Article X Section 22, para b, that children shall not be recruited to become members of the armed group nor be allowed to take part in fighting or used as guides, carriers or spies.

Also Narra divulged the corruption inside the terrorist group. He said in comparison that ordinary fighters like him eat with no viand and have corn as rice while their leaders feast on food. He said that the money that is allocated for their family like the SuPaMil was not able to reach their families for a long time, the hunger and the corruption he experienced in the terrorist group made him decide to surrender.

Hearing the Government’s extended help to the Former Rebels (FRs) through Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) which aids financial assistance and livelihood assistance, the two took the chance and surrender hoping to live a peaceful life.

“The Government is true to its word in helping the terrorist NPAs who wish to surrender.” Lieutenant Colonel Sonny E Gonzales, Commanding Officer of 71st IB said.

“Marami na ang nakinabang, kayo na andyan pa sa bundok, bumaba na kayo at nang makita nyo ang nakalaang tulong para sa inyo tama na ang inyong paghihirap na walang patutunguhan, nasa Gobyerno lamang ang tunay na kapayapaan.” Gonzales added.

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