Saturday, April 18, 2020

301st Infantry Brigade troopers capture communist terrorist camp

From the Philippine Information Agency (Apr 18, 2020): 301st Infantry Brigade troopers capture communist terrorist camp (By Jemin B. Guillermo)

ILOILO CITY, April 18 -- Army troops from the 61st Infantry Battalion successfully captured the communist terrorist encampment.

In a press release issued by the 301st Infantry “Bayanihan” Brigade, it disclosed that the 61st IB troop had
an encounter with approximately 40 members of the communist NPA terrorists (CNTs) while conducting combat operations at Sitio Anoy, Barangay Cabalaunan, Miagao, Iloilo, this morning, April 18.

It noted that the 35-minute firefight resulted in the killing of one terrorist and the apprehension of seven personalities believed to be CNTs, including one 14-year old boy. The terrorists are believed to be members of the Suyak (SDG) Platoon.

Also recovered from the encounter site were one M1 Garand Rifle with live ammunitions, one KG9 sub-machine gun, one cal. 45 pistol with holster, two 2-gauge shotguns with four live ammunitions, one pistolized homemade shotgun, two IEDs, seven backpacks, two bandolier, six NPA sweat shirts, two NPA flags, subversive documents, and medical paraphernalia.

“Prior to this armed engagement, troops received information from concerned citizens that the terrorists have been training fresh recruits of the New People’s Army in preparation for the conduct of more terror acts,” the media release said.

The information added that the CNTs have been planning to harass both civilians and government troops by conducting ambuscades and laying improvised explosive devices targeting the military and police forces.

Meanwhile, Colonel Marion Sison, Commander of the Army’s 301st Infantry Brigade, called on the people of Panay to continue supporting the troops by sharing information on the presence and whereabouts of the CNTs to prevent them from further sowing terror and violence.

“The fight for peace is our shared responsibility. Together we can attain genuine and sustainable peace, and development in Panay Island,” Sison said.

He also lauded the operating troops of the 61IB for the successful combat operation.

Sison likewise made a strong message to those who still refuse to return to the government's fold.

“The 61IB truly showed gallantry and tenacity against a determined enemy. This victory should serve as a warning to the CNTs that the Philippine Army will remain relentless in hunting them down, should they choose to continue this senseless and bloody armed struggle,” he stressed.

The capture of the terrorist encampment is a major blow to the CNT’s recruitment activities and highlights the enemy’s propensity to use minors in the conduct of terroristic acts, both against innocent civilians and government troops, which is a proof of their active exploitation and deception of the youth.

Sison also called on the remaining CNTs to lay down their arms “as the government together with your army is willing to ensure your safety if you choose to come down and live a peaceful life with your families and loved ones.” (JBG/301 Infantry Brigade-PA)

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