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Don’t give revolutionary taxes to CTGs, RTF-ELCAC8 PLEDS cluster exhorts Samar Island contractors

From the Philippine Information Agency (Dec 28, 2019): Don’t give revolutionary taxes to CTGs, RTF-ELCAC8 PLEDS cluster exhorts Samar Island contractors (By PIA-8)

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TACLOBAN CITY, Dec 28 (PIA) -- “Your best contribution towards ending insurgency and sustaining peace in this area is very simple - don’t give ‘revolutionary taxes to the CPP-NPAs.”

This was what Major General Pio Diñoso, commander if the 8th Infantry Division and Chair of the Regional Task Force- ELCAC 8 PLEDS Cluster, told some 30 contractors, construction suppliers and several politicians from all over Samar Island in a meeting held some time before Christmas.

“Pag nagbigay kayo ng pera, you are supporting the NPA, you are supporting the terrorists, the enemy of State,” Diñoso said as he exhorted the contractors to stop giving in to NPA extortions.

During the meeting, MGen Diñoso told the participants that the most serious threat and greatest concern to the region’s security is Communist insurgency and terrorism of the CPP/NPA.

He said Samar Island has great potential but CPP-NPA stunted its economic growth.

The CPP-NPA has evolved into banditry, extortion and criminal gangs capitalizing on prevailing social issues. It has become the biggest criminal syndicate in the country, Diñoso said.

He explained how the NPA used the money extorted to expand mass bases, launch offensives against soft targets and intensify extortion activities.

The participants said they give in to NPA extortion because demand is lesser than threats and fear of reprisal. They feel threatened and intimidated.

Moreover, they do not know whom to ask for help, do not know what to do - HOPELESS. Finally, they do not know the severe consequences of supporting the NPA.

The meeting was an eye-opener to most of the participants who expressed support to EO 70.

Diñoso said that the PLEDS sector will continue to engage the contractors. (PIA-8)

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