Saturday, July 13, 2019

NDF/CPP: Reaction to the UNHRC resolution to investigate Duterte killings 12 July 2019

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) propaganda comment posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Jul 11, 2019): Reaction to the UNHRC resolution to investigate Duterte killings 12 July 2019

Communist Party of the Philippines
July 12, 2019

1. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) welcomes the resolution of the UN Human Rights Commission seeking a comprehensive report on the widespread killings carried out both by police and state-endorsed death squads in the course of the Duterte government’s so-called drug war.

The tactic of mass killings against drug suspects and its terror effect is now being widely used against the patriotic and democratic forces and against all forms of opposition to stifle dissent and put down the people’s resistance and stifle their demand for justice.

2. The statement of the PNP Chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde that the CPP is behind the UNHRC resolution is extremely laughable and shows the extent to which Duterte’s minions would invent scenarios and act stupid in their desperation to keep the truth from coming out. In their anti-communist delusion, Duterte’s minions have resorted to red-tagging even the UNHRC itself.

3. It is utterly hypocritical and self-serving for Duterte to claim national sovereignty in the face of the UNHRC’s resolution, when at the same time, it conveniently sets aside the sovereignty and national patrimony questions in the face of China’s intrusions into the Philippine exclusive economic zone and maritime territory, as well as presence of US military troops in the country.

Duterte makes false claims the UNHRC resolution violates Philippine national sovereignty. The bigger question is how Duterte seeks to suppress the people’s sovereign power, their demand for an end to the mass killings and a stop to Duterte’s tyrannical abuse of power.

4. The UNHRC resolution will surely boost the Filipino people’s struggle to defend their rights and civil liberties. The people will surely welcome the representative and investigators of the UNHRC and provide them will all the support and security.

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