Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Duterte likened to Emilio Aguinaldo; blasted for ‘double-sided subservience’

From Politiko (Jul 7, 2019): Duterte likened to Emilio Aguinaldo; blasted for ‘double-sided subservience’

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s “faulty argument” that war is the only other option in defending the country’s interest in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) and that the United States (US) should fire the “first shot” against China in the disputed waters.

Citing experts in international relations, academics and commentators, the CPP said there is a “wide range of political, diplomatic and military measures” that the Philippines can take to assert its rights over the disputed portions of WPS.

Duterte only claims the Philippines is left with no option but to fight China over the WPS dispute to “justify his kowtowing to China and his refusal to take action against Chinese incursions in Philippine seas which violate the country’s sovereign rights,” according to the rebels.

Challenging the US to lead the war against China only makes him look foolish, they added.

In so doing, the CPP said the President, who earlier revealed he and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to allow China to fish in the WPS because “we’re friends,” demonstrated more clearly his “double-sided subservience.”

“Albeit Duterte’s dare is a potshot against those who question his subservience to China, he is, on the other hand, painting himself a charlatan by making people believe that the only other option is to turn the country into a US protectorate, much like the way Aguinaldo wrongly believed in US ‘benevolence’ more than 120 years ago,” the revolutionary organization said.

The CPP, meanwhile, reminded Filipinos that both the US and China are “imperialist superpowers” who pursue their own independent interests.

“The Filipino people must unite and act to defend the country’s national sovereignty, first and foremost, by ousting the national traitor Duterte,” they concluded.


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