Sunday, September 30, 2018

‘Reds stepping up attacks vs military and police’

From Malaya Business Insight (Oct 1): ‘Reds stepping up attacks vs military and police’

COMMUNIST New People’s Army rebels are planning to step up attacks against military installations throughout the country this month as part of their Red October plot to oust President Duterte, according to the military.

In a phone interview yesterday, Brig. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr, the assistant AFP deputy chief of staff for operations, said the military has alerted its units and troops against the planned rebel attacks.

Officials earlier said the communist-led Red October plot calls for “social unrest” and conduct of massive rallies, similar to the February 1986 People Power that ousted then President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Along with the social unrest, they are going to launch tactical offensives, coordinated attacks nationwide, targeting police stations and Army posts,” Parlade said.

Parlade said the military has evidence to prove the NPA got a memorandum from communist party leaders to launch the attacks in line with the Red October plot.

“It’s nationwide,” Parlade said. They are planning to execute it in a decentralized manner. That is in their memorandum, they have a memorandum for that (attacks).”

Parlade said the communists intend to escalate their attacks on AFP and PNP targets on Oct. 17.

“Their target is Oct. 17, that’s when they intend to reach the peak of their activity,” he said.

Asked what the military is doing in response to the plot, Parlade said: “Our units are already on alert and our troops are hunting them (NPA rebels). They are already near (AFP and PNP posts), we are monitoring them.

“They are already near so the AFP is on the offensive now. We are not going to wait for us to be on the defensive,” said Parlade.

Parlade said the Red October plot is still a go for the communists despite its exposure to the public and despite the political opposition and the church backing out of the plan.

Parlade said the communist movement is trying to create social unrest among workers and peasants under “Daluyong Mangagawa “ that he said one of the phases of Red October.

Parlade said Red October is bound to fail, noting the communists have so far failed to generate support.

“Many backed out, including the schools because they (communists) failed to convince (Manila) Archbishop (Luis Antonio) Tagle to join the original plan. They know the communists are behind this,” he said.

He said he is inclined to believe the assurance of the political opposition and of the Magdalo Group, led by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, that they are not conniving with the communists to oust the President.

“They should not take part in the plot because it’s doomed to fail. This is the last hurrah of Joma (communist party founder Jose Maria Sison), that’s why they are insisting on it,” said Parlade.

“If they (opposition and Magdalo Group) will participate, it’s our economy that will suffer,” Parlade also said.

Parlade said top military officials are due to face House and Senate during budget hearings today and tomorrow, respectively.

“We are going to brief them of their (communist) plan....We are prepared,” he said, adding the military expects the lawmakers to inquire about the Red October plan during the budget hearings.

Asked if they are ready to identify those involved in the plot, other than those already mentioned, Parlade said they might if the House and Senate leaderships agree on executive sessions.

Aside from Sison, others being linked by the military to the plot were former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and National Democratic Front of the Philippines consultant Rey Casambre.

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