Saturday, September 15, 2018

Feuding Sulu families reconcile

From the Mindanao Examiner (Sep 15): Feuding Sulu families reconcile

Two warring families in the southern Filipino province of Sulu have agreed to peacefully settle their conflicts and putting a stop to bitter fighting that had claimed lives from both sides.

The reconciliation was initiated by the town’s mayor, Samier Tan, and witnessed Governor Toto Tan and municipal and police and military officials.

Provincial government photos show the reconciliation between two warring families in Sulu province. Maimbung Mayor Samier Tan initiated the peace talks that resulted in the accord. Governor Toto Tan witnessed the ceremony held at the municipal hall.

The feuding clans are from Karawan village in Indanan represented by Astian Alawaddin, Moy Najaf, Mustapha Alawaddin, Najar Jalaide and Persing Hayudini, and Laud Kulasi in Maimbung town represented by Salbi Sarri, Sarri Salli, Jamil Kairan, Gulam Mustali, Silud Sarri, Suharto Sawadjaan and Isdam Hajan.

Followers from both sides also witnessed the reconciliation held at the municipal hall. Former Governor Sakur Tan, an influential philanthropist and political leader, was also present during the ceremony and spoke to the leaders of both families and urged them to foster unity and camaraderie between their ranks.

“It is now time to make Sulu a place where peace and prosperity are the norms that define our communities,” he said.

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