Saturday, May 12, 2018

DWDD: KOMODO 2018 | PN contingent joins various exercise info

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (May 12): KOMODO 2018  |  PN contingent joins various exercise info

LOMBOK ISLAND, Indonesia (DWDD) As part of the harbour phase activities in the Exercise Komodo 2018 in Mataram, Lombok Island, Indonesia, Philippine Navy contingent participates in the series of Exercise Info prepared by the Indonesian Navy. These include Lesson from Expert (LFE), Table top Exercise (TTX), Command Post Exercise (CPX), Tactical Floor Game (TFG) and Pre Sail Brief.


These activities aim to obtain a common perception and understanding of the Maritime Interdiction Operation, Refugee Handling, and HADR mission between multinational navies in region; its operational and logistic support among Navies and to identify gaps in the plan may arise in these kind of maritime operations.

Moreover, these activities help to examine, evaluate and provide feedback of cooperation and planning between staff in Maritime Peace Keeping and HADR Operations. Improve and verify the format, content, and procedures, as well as establish a common language for military coordination of HADR or Maritime Disaster Response and reduce the response time in major emergencies. It further enhance operational cooperation between military services (particularly the Navy) of the participating countries and share lessons learned and build a common understanding. NPAO / MCAG

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