Friday, June 23, 2017

CPP/Sison: JMS on poll survey firms like Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia

Propaganda statement by Jose Maria Sison posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Jun 21): JMS on poll survey firms like Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia

Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairperson
Communist Party of the Philippines

21 June 2017

The most unfair and stupid thing that opinion poll survey firms like Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia is to ask at random 1000 to 4000 or even less people whether they trust or not the revolutionary forces like the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

In the first place, people who sympathize with the revolutionary forces do not trust SWS and Pulse Asia poll surveyors and distrust them as possibly intelligence and psywar agents of the reactionary state. Subjecting the revolutionary forces to poll surveys premised on how good and just is the rotten ruling system is unfair and stupid and is blatantly cheap propaganda.

Those who own and control the SWS and those who hire them have long poisoned the political environment with the notion that the revolutionary forces are evil and can be trusted only if they are destroyed militarily and surrender in violation of the revolutionary cause of the oppressed and exploited people.

Those spreading distrust for the revolutionary forces are trying to spoil the peace negotiations and inflame the civil war. They harp on the point that the revolutionary cannot be trusted and that the reactionary state must continue to carry out an all-out war policy.

So be it, that is their self-fulfilling prophecy, because they are not interested in social, economic, political and constitutional reforms but merely in a protracted and indefinite ceasefire agreement as a device for cooptation, capitulation and pacification of the revolutionary forces and the people.

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