Monday, May 9, 2016

Man killed, son wounded in Basilan 'rido'

From ABS-CBN (May 9): Man killed, son wounded in Basilan 'rido'

A paralyzed former civilian volunteer organization member was killed while his 15-year-old son was badly wounded when armed men strafed their house in the village of Tubigan, Maluso, Basilan on Monday.

Police identified the fatality as Aga Masdal, 36 years old. Masdal's son was wounded in the attack.

Masdal sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his body, but he was able to fight back using his own firearm.

Case investigator PO3 Kamar Tayabas said at least 6 fully armed men swooped down on Masdal's house and shot the victims.

Tayabas said the attack against the Masdals stemmed from a long-time feud, known as ''rido'', with another family clan in Maluso.

The feud between the two families started over a land dispute in the area.

Tayabas said one of the suspects in the recent attack has links with the Abu Sayyaf Group and has a standing arrest warrant.

First Lieutenant Archie Aranas, operation officer of 4th Special Forces Batallion, said the attack against the Masdals had nothing to do with Monday's election since both families are not into politics.

He said the suspects attacked the Masdal's residence while most of their family members went to the polling centers to cast their votes.

Aranas said they tried to pursue the suspects but failed.

The police have filed murder and frustrated murder charges against the suspects.

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