Friday, April 15, 2016

Military derides video uploaded by NPA on captive law enforcers

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 15): Military derides video uploaded by NPA on captive law enforcers

The military on Thursday derided the New People’s Army (NPA) for uploading a video of the captive law enforcers begging the government to negotiate for their release.

The video, uploaded on YouTube, a free video sharing website, by the NPA last Tuesday, was meant to coerce and sow fear among the people, Capt. Patrick Martinez, the spokesperson of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, said.

The 4th Infantry Division condemned the act of uploading the video online as there are contents that are not suitable for general audiences, especially the minors, Martinez said.

“Definitely, the NPAs do not care for the effect to whoever would see the video. We condemn the NPA for their grave violation of human rights and for continually creating havoc from among the peace-loving people,” Martinez said.

He said that the video highlighted the NPA's terrorist nature, similar to the Abu Sayyaf and ISIS, where the kidnapped victims are videoed behind the terrorist flags and are intimidated to pronounce statements of propaganda content.

One of the videos that ran for 4:43 minutes, showed Inspector Rene Rombo, of Misamis Oriental police, pleading for the national and local government officials and the third party commission to negotiate for his early release.

Handcuffed and wearing a black jacket, with the insignia of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Rombo was observed reading a prepared statement, Martinez said.

“It is very obvious that there is coercion and what the NPA has done was plain kidnapping, a crime punishable by law,” Martinez said.

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