Friday, April 15, 2016

China says stronger Philippines-US alliance harmful

From Update.Ph (Apr 15): China says stronger Philippines-US alliance harmful

   Balikatan 2016 finale

The Chinese Defense Ministry said that joint patrols of Philippines and United States in West Philippine Sea is a way of militarizing the region and is harmful to stability.

“The joint patrols between the United States and the Philippines in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) has led to militarization in the region, which is harmful to regional peace and stability,” the Chinese Defense Ministry said, as quoted in news article written by Xinhua, hours after US Defense Secretary Carter confirmed that US-PH joint patrols in West Philippine Sea started last month and will continue.

Carter also announced that some US military personnel and aircraft that participated in Balikatan 2016 will be left in Philippines for deployment. The said deployment is part of EDCA which allows US troops to deploy in Philippines in rotational basis.

“The Chinese military will pay close attention to the situation, and resolutely defend China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime interests,” the Chinese ministry added.

“Strengthening military alliance, increasing frontline military deployment and holding joint military drills with specific targets reflected cold-war mentality,” it added.

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