Tuesday, October 20, 2015

N. Cotabato tribesmen condemn successive NPA killing of ex-NPA member

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 20): N. Cotabato tribesmen condemn successive NPA killing of ex-NPA member

After shooting dead two tribal leaders here recently, members of the New Peoples’ Army (NPA) hit squad gunned down Monday a former Manobo colleague who opted to return to the folds of law and live a normal life with his family.

Sr. Insp. Felix Fornan, Magpet police chief, said that victim Marco Engay Vea, 37, a Manobo and a resident of Barangay Imamaling died on the spot near his home after sprayed with automatic gunfire by the rebels.

Injured in same incident was Rodney Salinas Brandino, 35, a resident of Pulang Lupa, Trento, Agusan del Sur and co-worker of the victim.

The victims were loading cuts of lumber to a vehicle when fired upon by the NPAs positioned at a busy section of the road.

Responding lawmen recovered from the scene several empty shells from M14 rifles that were used by rebels in the attack.

Linda, the victim’s wife, told police that his husband has been receiving threats from his former colleagues after surrendering to the government earlier this year.

Vea was the third Manobo killed by the NPAs here this month.

Magpet Indigenous People Mandatory Representative Datu Antonio Taquinan has called on the local government to act on the matter swiftly before more blood would be spilled on the ground of Manobos whom he described as peace–loving people.

The town government has set an emergency meeting this week to address the problem.


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