Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Army probes death of coast guard

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 29): Army probes death of coast guard

The Philippine Army is investigating who among the 13 suspected Army soldiers was responsible in the shooting incident that killed a member of the Philippine Coast Guard early morning on April 12 in a bar named “Paraiso ”in Bulan town in Sorsogon province.

Col. Cesar Idio, commander of the 903rd Infantry Brigade based in Sorsogon province, on Tuesday said there are 13 Army soldiers who are now detained in the camp in connection with the death of Coast Guard Vladimir Cabildo Eduarte, 27, a native of Bulan town.

Idio said a rumble happened outside the Paraiso bar between Army soldiers from the 31st Infantry Battalion under his administrative jurisdiction and the group of Eduarte.

He said initially there were only nine soldiers who were identified present in Paraiso bar that night when Eduarte was shot, but further investigation led them to another four soldiers who were also there when the rumble happened.

Idio said the 13 soldiers who are restricted inside the camp have to undergo paraffin test while ballistic test on five guns brought by their soldiers in Paraiso bar was ongoing Monday.

He said two of the guns were found not compatible with the one used in shooting Eduarte.

Idio said there are three more guns to be subjected to ballistic tests.

Bianca Cabildo Jackes, Fil-Aussie cousin of Eduarte, said in a phone interview on Tuesday that the biggest challenge for them to finally file a case in court against the killer/s is/are the witness(es) who can pinpoint the Army soldier who pulled the trigger.

Jackes narrated that the shooting incident happened at about 2 a.m. on April 12 outside the Paraiso bar.

While Army soldiers were on a fistfight with Eduarte and two companions, she said, a man ran at the back of her cousin and shot him once from behind.

The bullet pierced into his right lumbar area and exited through the abdomen.

Jackes said nobody helped her bleeding cousin who fell on the ground until his brother who rushed from their home arrived at Paraiso bar 45 minutes after the shooting.

Eduarte died on the way to the nearest hospital which, she said, is about an hour away from the crime scene.

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