Monday, December 22, 2014

Navy to decomission 5 to 10 ships soon

From the Philippine News Agency (Dec 21): Navy to decomission 5 to 10 ships soon

The Philippine Navy (PN) will decomission five to 10 ships once its new vessels start arriving within the next two years.

The PN is expected to receive two strategic sealift vessels by 2016 and 2017, two state-of-the-art and fully armed frigates, and missile-armed MPACs (multi-purpose assault craft by 2017 and 2018.

This was announced by Navy vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad.

The vessels that will be decommissioned are those too old and worn-out, making repairs and upgrades very uneconomical.

He added that arrival of these new ships will make the PN more capable in protecting the country's vast maritime domains against intruders and poachers.

The PN is known to operate 107 to 110 naval ships in its fleet. Of these, 10 to 12 are classified as ocean going or capable of patrolling vast distance.

While the rest are medium to small patrol craft and logistics and service ships.

These include the two Gregorio Del Pilar class frigates, three Jacinto-class patrol vessels and seven other World War II escort destroyers still in service with the PN.

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