Sunday, July 27, 2014

China reclaiming in Paracel, Vietnam strongly oppose

From AngMalaya (Jul 27): China reclaiming in Paracel, Vietnam strongly oppose

Vietnam strongly opposes China’s dredging channels around Duy Mong (Drummond) Island, a part of the Southeast Asian country’s Hoang Sa (Paracel Islands) archipelago in the East Vietnam Sea said Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Le Hai Binh.

According to the Vietnamese spokesperson China’s activities within the Paracel archipelago are illegal, invalid and violates Vietnam’s sovereignty.

South China Morning Post reported earlier last week that “China is dredging navigation channels in a disputed area of the South China Sea in a move analysts say shows Beijing’s increasingly assertive stance over its claims to sovereignty in the region.”

Xinhua News Agency said the purpose of the said dredging or reclamation activity is to to ease the access for Chinese fishermen and supply boats in the waters near Paracel.

It added that piers for cruising ships and areas for garbage and supply ships will also be set up in the area in the future.

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