Monday, March 11, 2013

Killed Sulu 'general' could be ex-MNLF commander Haji Musa – Sabah police

From InterAksyon (Mar 11): Killed Sulu 'general' could be ex-MNLF commander Haji Musa – Sabah police

The Sulu "general" killed by Malaysia security forces few days ago is believed to be former Moro National Liberal Front (MNLF) commander Haji Musa, said Sabah police commissioner Hamza Taib.

“We believe it’s him, we had found his clothes, but when he was shot, he was not wearing uniform,” he told a press conference at Felda Sahabat Beach Resort, Lahat Datu today.

He was responding to a question on whether one the 22 corpses of the self-styled ‘Sulu royal army’ members, currently placed at the Tawau and Lahat Datu hospitals for post-mortem, has been identified as Haji Musa. 

However, Hamza was unable to give further confirmation as more evidence is needed to conclude this matter.

“I can’t say whether he’s Haji Musa, as it only can be proven when the investigation is completed.

“When the corpses were recovered from Tanjung Batu, I had seen the status of the dead body, but I can’t confirm positively.

“Because when I would like to confirm it positively, I must have solid evidence, such as documentation and an identity card,” he added.

He said that the Forensics Department had yet to reply to him over this matter.
It’s reported that a general of the armed intruders was killed in a firefight in Tanjung Batu last Thursday.

However, inspector-general of police Ismail Omar said on the following day that it was not Agbimuddin Kiram the leader of the intruders and brother of Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III.

‘We didn’t kill teenager in panic’

Meanwhile, Hamza also denied that the security forces had killed an unidentified teenager yesterday as they were tense and had panicked.

He said that the security forces had undergone training and are acting professional on the ground.

“If (you) want to say that we are tense, I think it’s impossible because the police and army have been well-trained.

“We are professional, so we are well-prepared to face any kind of situation,” he added.

When asked whether there is a possibility that the authorities had made such a mistake, he replied, “Maybe this assumption is correct”.

He also stressed that the police will detain suspected intruders under Section 130(c) of the Penal Code and the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma).

Hamza said that there was no gunfight with the intruders today and the situation in Lahat Datu and Semporna town has returned to normal.

A teenage boy was shot dead yesterday morning at Kampung Sungai Bilis while security forces were tracking intruders near the red zone.

The Criminal Investigations Department is carrying out checks on his identity.

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