Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friendly Forces

From the Manila Bulletin (Feb 7): Friendly Forces

After declaring almost all provinces in Central and Northern Luzon as peaceful and ready for further development, the Philippine Army leadership is now bent on ridding its men of undesirables and employing the friendly approach to win over the communities they serve.

Brigadier General Greogrio Pio Catapang Jr., division commander of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division, warned abusive soldiers and ordered them to live up to the command motto: “Bawal ang Abusado, Kawal ay Disiplinado.”

Catapang said soldiers must remember the guiding principles and fundamental virtues of 7th Infantry Division as a professional organization and use the friendly approach in winning over the communities where they serve as security forces.

He outlined his campaign to rid his command of soldiers who are “ABUSADO,” which stands for A-Alak (alcohol abusers); B-Babaero (womanizers); U-Utang (habitual money borrowers); S-Sugal (gamblers); A-Arogante (arrogance); D-Droga (drug abusers); and O-Others (other illegal acts).

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