Saturday, November 10, 2012

‘Hit-list’ of the 86th IBPA includes human rights, development workers in Ifugao and Benguet

From the pro-CPP Bulatlat (Nov 10): ‘Hit-list’ of the 86th IBPA includes human rights, development workers in Ifugao and Benguet

 The Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA) is accusing a unit of the Philippine Army of targeting civilians, specifically development workers, human rights advocates and members and leaders of people’s organizations. Late in October, the CHRA reportedly managed to secure a document titled “Municipality of Tinoc (Target Persons)” from a concerned element of the Charlie Company of the 86th Battalion (Highlander) of the 5th Infantry (Star) Division of the PA based in Tinoc, Ifugao. The document is allegedly a list containing the names of at least 28 individuals, all civilians. In six columns, the organizations, mobile phone numbers and supposed ranks or posts of the civilians were detailed. The two-page document bears the logos of the 86th IBPA and the 5th ID, and it also includes remarks and assessment points regarding the civilians on the list. Next to the names of the civilian names were tags such as “Suporter ng NPA” (supporter of the New People’s Army); “Nagbibigay ng Pagkain sa NPA” (gives food to the NPA); “Tulugan ng NPA ang Kanilang Bahay” (the NPA takes shelter in the person’s house) ; and “Imbakan ng Baril” (storage place for guns). The secretary-general of the CHRA Jude Baggo was number 22 in the list and was alleged to be “UTAK NG NPA” or brains of the NPA. According to the CHRA, the civilians whose names are on the list are all active participants in the promotion and defense of human rights. Most are involved in the implementation of community-based programs on human rights, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and socio-economic projects in the communities of Tinoc and its adjacent municipality of Asipulo....

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  1. More anti-AFP propaganda from the pro-CPP online "news" outlet, Bulatlat. AFP "targeting civilians" theme. Keeping tabs on commie NGOs and front groups is tantamount to marking them for assassination. It's all part of their "red-baiting" propaganda message. By their logic you cannot publicly say that someone is a member of a CPP front group. They want to be allowed to continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the Filipino people without being called to account for their deceptive tactics.


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