Saturday, November 17, 2012

Contractor could face sanctions from US Navy for violations

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Nov 17): Contractor could face sanctions from US Navy for violations

The United States Navy is reviewing the past performance of its contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines Inc., to determine if it violated ocean dumping laws which would also mean it violated its husbanding contract with the American naval agency. “If it is proven that GDMA (Glenn Defense) violated any Philippine laws, codes, and/or regulations while performing the contract, then the Philippine government and its appropriate enforcing agency can choose to pursue appropriate actions against GDMA,” said Sky Laron, director of corporate communications at the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center of the US Navy based in Yokosuka, Japan.  “The US Navy remains committed stewards of the environment…. Should it be proven that GDMA has violated applicable regulations during the course of its disposition of domestic waste water and bilge water, then GDMA will have also violated the terms of the husbanding contract,” said Laron, who described Glenn Defense as “a private contractor” and not an agent of the US Navy.... In his letter, Laron said, “As with any violation, the US Navy has the normal contractual remedies, to include adverse past performance report and consideration of revocation of acceptance for the services that were rendered.” .....

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