Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mixed feelings on the roadmap to peace

Opinion piece from Rappler (Oct 14): Mixed feelings on the roadmap to peace

.... Yet, why is it that I’ve been feeling some butterflies in my stomach since the framework was made public and that I couldn’t get myself to fully get into a fiesta mood? Why do I have mixed feelings about supposedly this big leap for peace?

.... My problem is not the roadmap which looks sleek and logical. The problem is that it is not clear whether the parties are committed to accept any outcome so long as the roadmap is followed. The decommissioning of the MILF troops will take place in phases. Whether the decommissioning shall be done in step with faithful observance of the roadmap or to the extent the outcome satisfies the MILF is an open question....

.... What really happened is that the arena of the negotiations has been changed.... These institutions are the Philippine Congress, Supreme Court, Moro revolutionary fronts, traditional, religious and political leaders in the Bangsamoro areas. This arena is a big minefield that scares me no end. There are many things that can go wrong in this arena....

The Philippine government is accommodating the demands of the MILF within the country’s political system, constitution and laws. The agreement contains provisions with doubtful constitutional and statutory bases, among which are the ministerial form of government, abolition of the ARMM and the asymmetric relationship between central government and the Bangsamoro government.
Legal challenges can stop, set back or disrupt the process....

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