Wednesday, June 17, 2020

CPP/NPA-Negros Island: The 303rd brigade’s massive corruption behind their continued fake mass surrenders and smear campaigns will only strengthen the NPA even more — NPA-Negros

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jun 16, 2020): The 303rd brigade’s massive corruption behind their continued fake mass surrenders and smear campaigns will only strengthen the NPA even more — NPA-Negros

JUNE 16, 2020

NPA-Negros denounces the recent fraudulent acts of the 303rd brigade of the Philippine Army in Negros Island. Their recent smear campaign of hundreds of fake surrenders and declaring the NPA as persona non grata is but an old trick from their worn playbook to discredit the steadily growing armed revolution in the country.

“These are desperate attempts by Duterte and the AFP to try and demoralize the revolutionary movement whom they know is gaining ground day by day.”, remarked Juanito Magbanua, the regional spokesperson of the NPA-Apolinario Gatmaitan Command.

Magbanua remarked that the so-called ‘leaders’, alias Dodong and Lara, have been disenfranchised from the movement since 2018, while the hundreds of surrenderees in La Castillana, Moises Padilla, Murcia in Negros Occidental and Ayungon in Negros Oriental are but cash cows for the failed albeit corrupt E-CLIP program. Every surrenderee is supposed to acquire P50,000 livelihood assistance, but several of them receive little to nothing, indicating that the AFP has corrupted millions from this scheme. Magbanua also added that the programs held along with the fake surrenders to denounce the NPA are bogus since the NPA has enjoyed the support of the masses for over 51 years.

“The AFP’s publicity stunts are ineffective to say the least. They seem to forget that they themselves have boosted the NPA’s numbers due to their numerous atrocities, including at least 5 human rights violations in Isabela and Tayasan by the 62nd and 94th IBs in the month of June alone. All these are reactions of tactical offensives and targeted partisan operations against their fascist troupe mounted by different commands of the NPA in Negros. They cannot dry the river when they themselves cause the flood.”, Magbanua added.

Magbanua also mentioned that all these transpired while the pending Anti-Terrorism Bill is bound to be signed by Duterte. While we are still very much in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Duterte has shunned the need to address the crisis and instead is hellbent on positioning his military junta, including the recent promotion of BGen. Benedict Arevalo as commander of the Civil Military Operations (J7), who has led the 303rd brigade in the bloody military campaigns that continue up to today.

“Duterte, the 303rd brigade and the AFP-PNP are recruiting more and more for the NPA due to their increasingly corrupt and tyrannical schemes.The NPA will surely mount more tactical offensives against the regime. This, along with the growing discontent of the masses are proof that the revolution is the only option left.”, ended Magbanua. 

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