Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Army: Mass surrender shows crack in NPA

From the Visayan Daily Star (Jun 17, 2020): Army: Mass surrender shows crack in NPA

The Army’s 3rd Infantry Divisionsaid yesterday that the massive surrender of members and supporters of the New People’s Army in Negros Island indicates a crack in its organization.

More than 130 former NPA members and supporters surrendered on June 12 and June 14 in Negros Island as reported by the 303rd Infantry Brigade, which was dismissed as a fraudulent claim by Negros rebel spokesman Ka Juanito Magbanua.

Maj. Cenon Pancito, 3ID Public Affairs Office chief, said yesterday that the best way for the NPA in Negros to negate military claims is to present evidence like what they did in presenting the rebel surrenderees.

False accusation by mere lip service is an insult not just to the wisdom of the involved parties but more so to the whole Filipino people who deserve a more intelligent rebuttal, Pancito said.

He added that the NPA organization in Negros is crumbling, and the massive surrender is an indicator of a crack in its organization that will lead to the demoralization of most of their comrades.

“While claiming that more locals are joining their group, why are they (NPA) so afraid of the government's efforts, if it strengthen their ranks?” Pancito asked, Magbanua and their public relations developers have no grasp of reality, he added.

The people have spoken, and they know we got their back, he said.*

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