Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mayor Duterte dons the rank of colonel in AFP Reservist Corps

From the Mindanao Times (Mar 1): Mayor Duterte dons the rank of colonel in AFP Reservist Corps

MAYOR Sara Duterte was donned full-fledged Colonel in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Reservist Corps held at City hall office, yesterday morning.

AFP chief of staff General Rey Leonardo Guerrero led the donning of ranks to Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, Col. Crisanto Violan and former Congressman Isidro Ungab.

Mayor Duterte’s appointment to the rank of Colonel was submitted to the Commission on appointments on Feb. 19.

Like the other appointees, she faced the members of the CA in public hearing to deliberate in her appointment. She had to garner the required 13 votes for her to pass the CA and earn her rank as Colonel of the AFP Reservist Corps.

The AFP Rescom, established in 1993, is a military unit in charge of reserve force management, procurement, and organization. The command’s major task is to enlist potential military reservists through different training courses such as Military Orientation Training Course (MOTC) and the Basic Citizens Military Training (BCMT).

Reserve officers are commissioned by the AFP leadership after undergoing an officer training program. The army, navy and air force also conduct training courses for reservists.

The Reserve officers include lawyers, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, teachers, engineers, other specialists and even government officials.

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