Thursday, January 18, 2018

DWDD: INTENSIFIED OPERATIONS | NOLCOM Troops Clash anew with Communist Terrorist Abra and Kalinga

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Jan 19): INTENSIFIED OPERATIONS  |  NOLCOM Troops Clash anew with Communist Terrorist Abra and Kalinga

CAMP GEN SERVILLANO AQUINO, Tarlac City (DWDD) Another encampment of the New People’s Army (NPA) was discovered and seized by the NOLCOM troops that resulted to a forty (40) minute encounter while conducting Focus Military Operations (FMO) in the Province of Abra.

The encounter ensued at high noon, 12:45 PM of January 18, 2018, between the Alpha Company of the 24th Infantry Battalion, Joint Task Force (JTF) “KAUGNAY”, 7th Infantry Division, PA and an unidentified platoon of the New People’s Army (NPA) terrorist group at Brgy Gapang, Pilar, Abra.

This resulted to the wounding of one (1) Army personnel, who sustained superficial splinter wounds in the face, while undetermined number of casualty on the terrorist side. Moreover, the discovered NPA encampment consists of fourteen (14) tents and two bunkers. Several subversive items were also  recovered comprising of five (5) backpacks,  two (2) holsters for Cal .45, four (4) chargeable flashlights, three slings for M16 rifle, one (1) load bearing gear, one (1) transistor radio, five (5) jungle bolos, subversive documents, food stuffs including a half sack of onion, cooking paraphernalia and other personal belongings.

A separate incident also transpired in the early morning, 6:45 AM of January 18, 2018, when a small group of NPA terrorist conducted harassment to Allaguia Patrol Base in Brgy. Allaguia, Pinukpuk, Kalinga firing six (6) rounds using a carbine. This prompted the Army troops to retaliate and fire a few shots towards the enemy direction.

The terrorist were positioned three hundred (300) meters northwest of the detachment under the “E” Company of 77th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, PA. The exchange of fire lasted only for less than a minute wherein the NPA’s withdrew towards Sitio Dommand of same barangay.

The successful conduct of Development Support Operations (DSO) was a result of the local community’s participation to rid their localities of these lawless elements. NOLCOM forces will continue to pursue the NPA terrorist group and other threat groups to keep the safety of the people and ensure the security of the area against any threat within its Area of Responsibility. NOLCOM/MCAG

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