Monday, August 7, 2017

US and Filipino divers practice diving and salvage techniques

From the Philippine Information Agency (Aug 7): US and Filipino divers practice diving and salvage techniques

Members of the Philippine Coast Guard Special Operations Group (PCGSOG) and the United States Navy divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One (MDSU-1) participated in a combined information exchange and diving survey on the sunken vessel MV Captain Ufuk in Manila Bay’s South Harbor.

This exchange focused on ship salvage techniques, diving operations, side scan sonar, remotely-operated vehicle operations, damage control, de-watering, as well as cutting and welding.  Additionally, PCGSOG personnel toured the USNS Salvor, the Safeguard-class salvage ship from which the U.S. Navy divers and salvage personnel operate during this exchange.

The MV Captain Ufuk sunk roughly a year ago, and poses a hazard to navigation in Manila Bay.  As well as enhancing the skill set of PCGSOG personnel, this exchange will also provide vital information to plan for refloating and relocating the MV Captain Ufuk at a later date.

The Commander of PCGSOG, Cdr. Edgardo Hernando met with the MSDU-1 dive teams as well as engineering and salvage representatives from U.S. Combined Task Force 73, who will be joining in a long-term engagement plan to facilitate combined operations in the future to refloat and salvage the vessel. (US Embassy)

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