Monday, August 7, 2017

AFP receives postcards from Pinoys in Russia

From the Philippine Information Agency (Aug 7): AFP receives postcards from Pinoys in Russia

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recently received postcards from Filipinos based in Russia for soldiers who are now deployed in Marawi City.

Philippine Army’s Commanding General, General Glorioso Miranda received from Ambassador Carlos D. Sorreta postcards collected by the Embassy.

The postcards were the Embassy’s contribution to the Department of Foreign Affairs’ wide effort to garner support from overseas Filipinos to boost the morale of the Armed Forces. The Embassy set up a collection counter titled “Postcards from Russia with Love” where many Filipinos filled out cards. Others had their own cards sent in. 

“The response from the community was very positive and reflected the overwhelming support for our soldiers’ fight against violent extremism and terror,” Ambassador Sorreta said. “It is a simple yet sincere show of support that, hopefully, will go a long way in motivating our men,” he added.

Meanwhile, General Miranda thanked our kababayans in Russia.

“I am pleasantly surprised and touched by this gesture from our Kababayans in Russia. Please be assured that our men in Marawi are fighting hard and I thank you all on their behalf,” said General Miranda.

The delegates from the AFP also met with officials and discussed the continuing enhancement and expansion of cooperation between the Philippine and Russian defense and security agencies.

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