Monday, July 31, 2017

Young Moro professionals educate Tri-People youth on peace-building

From  the Philippine News Agency (Jul 31): Young Moro professionals educate Tri-People youth on peace-building

In their will to cultivate the "Culture of Peace" in the hearts of Mindanaoan youth, three young Moro professionals shared their knowledge and ideas on peace-building among more than a hundred young Christians, Muslims and Indigenous Peoples (Tri-People) delegates of Youth for Peace Movement TALBOS 3rd Regional Youth Leaders Congress held June 30 to July 2, 2017 in Alabel, Sarangani Province.

The three facilitators were Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda, an instructress from Holy Trinity College, Prof. JovarPantao of Mindanao State University-General Santos and KaharudinDalaten, a development worker from the provincial government of Sarangani.

Lambac-Kanda discussed the topic “Cultivating the Culture of Peace and Empathy” which she pointed out as a basic formula in conflict resolution.”

“Amidst the armed conflicts that sow hatred, distrust and bigotry among the Filipinos being experienced in our country,” Kanda said. “The youth, with their energy, connections and enthusiasm in advocating peace, can produce change in society.”

Pantao handled a lecture-workshop entitled "Turning Point: Exploring my Inner Peace," which facilitated the participants to discover peace from within themselves and how it can radiate to others.

Last May 16-18, the young Moro professor facilitated "Tudlo Kalilintad: Culture of Peace Training for Muslim Educators" participated by Muslim teachers of Sarangani.

In support for the implementation of the integration of Peace Education in the curriculum of public schools, Pantao also led a team in the development of Peace Education Module for the Teachers.

Dalaten presented a briefer on the situation of Mindano Youth and facilitated a workshop on how the participants can reflect and discover their role in addressing issues affecting the youth like less participation to local governance, violent extremism and illegal drugs.

Kanda and Pantao were both United Nations Association of the Philippines Outstanding Youth Leadership Awardees in 2009 while Dalaten was the 2016 Youth Ambassador for Peace-Asia of United Nations Universal Peace Federation.

The activity was spearheaded by Youth for Peace Movement TALBOS, a network of young leaders, with the support of Sulong Sarangani Program, a flagship program of the Office of the Governor of Sarangani.

Expressing their gratitude to the facilitators, the participants, all youth leaders from Regions 11 and 12, committed to foster understanding and unity in their respective communities through propagating the culture of peace.

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