Friday, July 21, 2017

CPP/NDF-CNL: Statement of the Christians for National Liberation in Eastern Visayas

Christians for National Liberation propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Jul 19): Statement of the Christians for National Liberation in Eastern Visayas

Paulo Victorino, Spokesperson
CNL Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)

19 July 2017

It is with great pride and jubilation that we announce the successful conduct of the 4th Regional Congress of the Christians for National Liberation here in Eastern Visayas.

We embrace with vigor and enthusiasm the challenges proffered by the 8th National congress of the CNL as capsulized by its theme “Persevere in Attaining greater Heights in the National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective: Intensify our participation in the people’s armed revolutionary struggle.”

Here in the Eastern Visayas region, church people who wholeheartedly embraced, lived and even offered their lives for the ideals of the national democratic revolution has had its glorious moments and even had its trying times. But in all those stages of its prophetic journey towards establishing a “new heaven and a new earth”, it has remained steadfast on its calling and has kept the beacon of light burning.

Today, as it was, decades ago, the signs of the times is still evident and that the democratic revolution through a protracted people’s war is still of great relevance and significance. We are further emboldened to actively play our role even as we steadfastly tread the road of rectifying our errors and elevate the national democratic revolution to greater heights.

Even as we resolve to continue the path towards genuine national liberation, we are fully aware of our many shortcomings and we will take that as our own crosses and rectify them. Specifically, we will challenge ourselves to increase our rank from among the different church denominations with special focus among the younger generations to infuse new blood into our organization. We will endeavor to bring our churches, its programs and services closer to the struggle of the toiling masses to alleviate their sufferings even as we march with them in their struggle for genuine reforms. And through our collective efforts, we will also challenge our church leaders to speak out in defense of the masses as well as support their legitimate demands.

As we join in the march of advancing the phase of the current revolution, we will continually immerse ourselves with the masses and in their struggle while at the same time enticing others to do the same. We shall make our voices heard in defending and announcing that our national democratic revolution is a just war for liberation.

We declare now that as a revolutionary organization, we shall rise up renewed and invigorated to continue our revolutionary tasks just like the apostles after the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Today is also our own Pentecost! We shall move forward and spread the Pentecost fire to places everywhere!

Long live the struggling people!
Long live the Christians for National Liberation!
Long live the National Democratic Front!
Long live the national democratic revolution!

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