Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eastern Mindanao Command publishes brochures on martial law

From the Philippine News Agency (May 29): Eastern Mindanao Command publishes brochures on martial law

The Eastern Mindanao Command has started distributing two brochures, "Declaration of Martial Law" and "Martial Law and Violent Extremism" which will be initially available in all military and police checkpoints.

Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) spokesperson Maj. Ezra Balagtey said they were printing 10,000 copies of the two brochures for distribution. It is part of Eastmincom’s advocacy to explain martial law and violent extremism.

The first brochure "Declaration of Martial Law" explains invasion and rebellion as ground for the declaration.

The brochure defines "invasion and rebellion" as acts of rising publicly and taking arms against the government for the purpose of removing allegiance to the government and its laws as what is taking in Marawi City.

The first brochure also quotes Article 134 of the Revised Penal Code, the Article VII of Section 18 of the 1987 Constitution which provides the need for the president to report to Congress within 48 hours, for Congress to act on the martial law proclamation and the need to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

It also points out that martial law does not suspend the operation of the Constitution while the Judicial and Legislative branches would continue to function headed by civilians.

Under the rights of civilians in checkpoints, the public must see to it that checkpoints are well-lit, properly identified, and manned by uniform personnel. Upon approach, drivers must slow down, dim headlights and turn on cabin lights.

The public are advised not to step out of the vehicle and to lock all doors. Likewise, only visual search is allowed and no need to submit for a physical or body search.

People are not obliged to open the glove compartment, trunk or bags but ordinary or routine questions may be asked.

The public is also advised to be courteous but firm with answers and to keep driver’s license and registration handy and within reach.

The second brochure are FAQs on the Marawi incident: What is Maute Group; what is ISIS; how crucial is Marawi City, what does suspension of writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao mean; what does martial law means for the residents of Mindanao; what are acts being committed by extremists that constitute rebellion; why martial law is necessary; and what are the safeguards during martial law.

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