Monday, May 8, 2017

CHR begins probe on death of ASG member in Bohol

From the Philippine News Agency (May 8): CHR begins probe on death of ASG member in Bohol

Two Commission on Human Rights (CHR) special investigators on Monday started looking into the death of suspected Abu Sayyaf member in Bohol to determine there was no "foul play".

Special Investigator Alfonso Bayocot, Jr., the OIC of the CHR in Bohol, said in an interview, he was on the way to the crime scene in Barangay Lourdes in the municipality of Cortes to begin the investigation.

Special Investigator Jonathan Tibay of the CHR in Cebu has joined Bayocot in the investigation on the fatal shooting of Saad Samad Kiram, alias Abu Saad, who was killed three hours after he attempted to escape from police custody early morning on May 5.

Bayocot said their investigation was "motu proprio" in the absence of complainants. According to him, they just want to determine whether there was “no foul play” in the death of Kiram.

The initial part of the investigation beginning Monday will be talking to people and searching for potential witnesses, Bayocot said.

Bayocot said the exhumation of Kiram’s body, which was buried immediately after he was killed, would only come much later, depending on the outcome of their initial investigation.

The legal department of the CHR will decide on the need for an exhumation and autopsy of the late Kiram’s body, he added.

Bayocot also assured that the police escorts of Kiram would be asked to issue their statements if warranted and if there were any complainants.

In the meantime, Bayocot said he had requested the Bohol- Philippine National Police for a copy of the police investigation report to help the CHR in their probe.

Kiram was allegedly one of the Abu Sayyaf bandits who arrived in Inabanga, Bohol from Mindanao on board pumpboats last month to supposedly carry out kidnap-for-ransom activities in that island-province. He had come out of hiding at Barangay Tanawan in Tubigon, Bohol to ask for food from residents when he was arrested on May 4.

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