Monday, April 24, 2017

DWDD: Balikatan 2017 refocuses on HADR and Counter Terrorism

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Apr 24): Balikatan 2017 refocuses on HADR and Counter Terrorism


The Government of the Philippines has invited U.S. forces to train alongside the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the 33rd iteration of Exercise Balikatan, May 8 to 19, at multiple locations in Luzon and the Visayas region.

Philippine and U.S. forces will kick off Exercise Balikatan 33-2017 through community engagement activities in Panay, Leyte and Samar. U.S. and Filipino service members will work together to renovate five schools and conduct community medical engagements with local residents in the opening days of the 12-day military training activity. Preliminary work on community infrastructure projects began mid-April.

Balikatan 33-2017 incorporates high-value training events designed to enhance the capabilities of both AFP and U.S. armed forces. The training focuses on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in order to improve response effectiveness and speed in the event of natural disasters and other crises that endanger public health and safety.

The Mutual Defense Board and the Security Engagement Board have carefully included President Duterte’s guidance for this year’s exercise. The series of events manifests the exercise’s refocus to Humanitarian Civil Assistance, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response, and Counter Terrorism. The entire exercise follows a single-scenario concept where a super typhoon devastates areas along its route in the areas of Central Command, National Capital Region, and Northern Luzon.

This year’s exercise will have AFP and U.S. forces partnering to improve their counterterrorism capabilities in order to build safer communities and work towards the eradication of global terror networks. During Balikatan, U.S. and Philippine forces will conduct operational and counterterrorism training exercises in diverse areas of expertise, including advanced marksmanship, counter improvised explosive devices (IED), and maritime interdiction against piracy.

In this year’s Balikatan, the Philippines and the United States will continue to collaborate with regional partner nations: forces from Australia and Japan will participate in all major training events, and the AFP has invited military forces from several other nations to be part of the International Observers Program.

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