Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pres. Duterte calls on ASG to ‘take a vacation’ during the holidays

From the Philippine Information Agency (Dec 17): Pres. Duterte calls on ASG to ‘take a vacation’ during the holidays

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte today called on the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) to “take a vacation” from their fighting,  stop hostilities during the holiday season, and even invited them, should they wish to join him for dinner in Davao.

“I hope you would take a vacation,” the President said, adding that if they wish, they can contact his Joloano daughter-in-law whom he named as Lovely Sangkula.

President Duterte was in the city today to visit and give financial assistance to wounded soldiers, namely: 1Lt. Albert Peralta, Pfc. Gilbert Verrey, Cpl. Mortaza Allama, Pfc. Simar Salasain, Cpl. Ruel Tambong, Cpl. Ronald Ramos, Cpl. Jerome Gonato, Pfc. Charlie Shine Carinal, Pfc. Romeo Ansino, Pfc. Mitchwayn Arsenal, Ssg. Peter Ugsod, Pfc. Elmer Dela Cruz, Sgt. Julbasar Julhasirin, Sgt. Amilhadir Tagayan, Cpl. Ramly Guzman, and the relatives of Emar Akalul and Ssg. Elmer Aranges who are confined at the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

He also talked with families of three killed-in-action soldiers namely Cpl. Mushier Kahaluddin, Pfc. Kennedy Osing and Pfc. Jay Boctot.

“We should take care of our soldiers. They are the protectors of the republic. We should ease their pain,” he said.

Operations against the Abu Sayyaf Group have been ongoing for months, and according to AFP spokesperson Gen. Restituto Padilla, casualties are consequences in the operations. He said that the President’s visits to wounded and killed soldiers are a “sincere show of care” for the soldiers. Padilla added that operations will continue as planned, even if AFP leadership changes.

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