Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DWDD: GOODWILL VISIT | BRP Ramon Alcaraz to Visit Vietnam

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Nov 29): GOODWILL VISIT | BRP Ramon Alcaraz to Visit Vietnam


The Philippine Navy (PN) will send-off its BRP RAMON ALCARAZ (FF16) for a port visit to Cam Ranh, Vietnam from Dec. 2 to 12, 2016. Onboard are around 300 PN personnel composed of   Naval Task Force 80 (NTF 80) comprise of surface warfare students, medical team, Naval Special Operations Team, and other port visit directorate members, with Helicopter Detachment Afloat (AW109).

The purpose of the visit is to celebrate the 40th year of diplomatic relationship between the two nations and maintain ties between and among the Philippine Navy and Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN).Both Navies maintain the strong partnership in the field of maritime security and law enforcement.

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