Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Five Australian Navy work horses now under Philippine Navy

From Update.Ph (May 31): Five Australian Navy work horses now under Philippine Navy

Five previously Royal Australian Navy (RAN) work horses, Balikpapan-class landing craft-heavy (LCH), are now under the Philippine Navy. This is after two were donated and three were sold at giveaway price.

“They were certainly the work horses of the Royal Australian Navy and I am sure they will provide just as much service to the Philippine Navy,” RAN Lieutenant Brenton-James Glover, HMAS Brunei’s last Executive Officer said last year. HMAS Brunei is now BRP Batak.

“They were not the best looking or most comfortable ships, however, they could always be called upon when needed,” he added. “The Balikpapan class is an excellent capability for amphibious operations as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

The first two, BRP Ivatan (formerly HMAS Tarakan) and BRP Batak (ex-HMAS Brunei), were commissioned into PN service August 10, 2015.

The final three will be commissioned tomorrow, June 1. These are BRP Agta, BRP Iwak, and BRP Waray formerly HMAS Balikpapan, HMAS Wewak and HMAS Betano.


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