Tuesday, January 6, 2015

US admits to owning target drone found in Quezon

From the Philippine News Agency (Jan 6): US admits to owning target drone found in Quezon

The drone found off the coast of Patnanungan Islet, Quezon last Jan. 4 belongs to the US Navy.

This was confirmed by the US Embassy in Manila, in a statement, Tuesday.

"(The drone found) is an expended BQM-74E Aerial Target that was launched during naval exercise Valiant Shield 2014 which took place Sept. 15-23 in the waters off Guam," it added.

The aerial target does not carry weapons and is not used for surveillance.

"The BQM-74E Aerial Target is used by surface ships and aircraft during exercises to help train our sailors in a realistic environment that provides the best possible training," the US Embassy said.

"During the exercise, all aerial operations were conducted in international airspace or with appropriate coordination and approval in Guam airspace.

The drone was initially sighted by a barangay official of the locality but due to bad weather condition, they could not reach the area at once.

The drone is now under the custody Patnanungan Municipal Police Station.

It was the second incident involving the recovery of a US Navy drone in Philippine territory.

In January 2013, a similar aircraft was recovered by the Philippine Navy in Sitio Tacdugan, San Jacinto, Masbate.


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