Monday, October 13, 2014

CPP/Ang Bayan: Coordinated attacks launched in Bicol

Propaganda article from the English language edition of the CPP online publication Ang Bayan (Oct 7): Coordinated attacks launched in Bicol

The New People’s Army (NPA) in Bicol launched near-simultaneous attacks on 18 military detachments from September 26 to 29. The coordinated attacks were launched in Sorsogon, Albay and Camarines Sur provinces.

According to initial reports, 22nd and 42nd IB troops suffered a number of casualties in successive sniping operations by the Eduardo Olbara Command against six military detachments in Camarines Sur. The detachments subjected to attack were those of the 22nd IB in Barangay Lobong, Bato; 22nd CAA Infantry Battalion in Barangay Nababarira, Baao; 42nd IB in Barangay Ipil, Buhi; 22nd IB in Barangay Bical, Libmanan; 22nd IB in Barangay Lubigan, Sipocot; and 42nd IB in Barangay Malinao, Libmanan. The attacks were launched between 10:55 p.m. of September 8 and 3 a.m. of September 29.

Meanwhile, nine detachments belonging to the 22nd and 31st IB, PNP Mobile Force and Philippine Army Peace and Development Team were harassed by forces under the NPA Celso Minguez Command in Sorsogon: in Barangay Banuang-Daan, Matnog (Globe Security Forces-22nd IB); Barangay Bilaoyon, Sta. Magdalena (22nd IB-CAFGU); Barangay San Isidro, Bulan (31st IB Charlie Coy); Barangay Mapaso, Irosin (22nd IB); Barangay Casay, Casiguran (31st IB Alpha Coy); Barangay San Antonio, Casiguran (PNP Provincial Mobile Force); Barangay Rizal, Casiguran (31st IB); Barangay Rizal, Gubat (22nd IB); and Barangay San Francisco, Donsol (Philippine Army Peace and Development Team).

In Albay, three 22nd IB detachments were harassed by the NPA Santos Binamera Command in Barangay Del Rosario, Camalig; Barangay Maopi, Daraga; and Barangay Harigi, Libon.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

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