Saturday, February 15, 2014

CPP/Ang Bayan: People’s militia training in Cagayan Valley

From the latest English edition of Ang Bayan posted to the CPP Website (Feb 7): People’s militia training in Cagayan Valley

The people’s militia in a guerrilla front in Cagayan Valley recently underwent military training alongside newly recruited fulltime fighters of the New People’s Army. The training formed part of a programmed series of trainings of every people’s militia platoon established in every barrio.

The training lasted seven days and consisted of maneuvers, individual combat techniques (ICT), target shooting and marksmanship and military drills. The political component of the training had already been previously given, such as NPA History and Regulations, NPA Military Regulations and Intelligence and Counter-intelligence Work.

The members of the people’s militia attended the training even if it was the height of the planting season. Even if they were all poor peasants, with some dependent on being farm workers, they sacrificed their work in order to join the training. Some would go home every afternoon to fulfill household responsibilities and come back early the next morning for the training. Others tethered their carabaos before hurrying towards the training ground. Though late, they would still join the ranks.

The militia’s determination to continue was underscored during an enemy operation. The members joined in conducting reconnaissance and standing watch at night.

The militia and their trainor summed-up the training together. From the first day to the end, attendance among the militia was complete. Aside from discovering potential military commanders from among the militia and the new recruits, each trainee was able to try his or her ability to unite and cooperate with others during a military situation.

When asked what he thought of the training, Ka Rim, the political guide of a militia squad said, “We still need to be more conscious of the time and of following orders. We are thankful for learning ICT.”

On the part of the new recruits, they enjoyed learning alongside the militia. According to Ka Jho, it was hard but enjoyable. “There were times when we found things difficult, but we explained ourselves. We were patient with each others’ weaknesses because we maintained our military bearing and bore in mind the political objectives of our training.”

Ka Rey, the lead trainor was very happy even if being an instructor was not an easy job. He said he was glad that no one gave up on the difficult training and everyone graduated.

The graduates and their families were all smiles. They ended the activity with cultural presentations. As for the training ground, it was planted to vegetables so it could serve as the area’s first communal farm.

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