Monday, December 30, 2013

PA warns troopers against indiscriminate firing on New Year's eve

From the Philippine News Agency (Dec 30): PA warns troopers against indiscriminate firing on New Year's eve
The Philippine Army ordered its soldiers on Monday not to engage in indiscriminate firing this New Year's eve revelry as stiff sanction awaits those caught doing this illegal act.

"It is clear to every Army personnel that firing their weapons indiscriminately is punishable under the Articles of War," Army spokesperson Capt. Anthony Bacus said.

Under the said article, illegal discharge of firearm may result to demotion or dismissal from the military service.

Those who would be found guilty of violating this will be dealt with accordingly, Bacus said.

“All unit commanders on the field are reminded to consistently monitor their respective subordinates on or off duty to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced not only in the observance of this significant occasion but all throughout the coming year as it is our duty to be of role model citizens to others,” he added.

Illegal discharge of firearm is also punishable under Article 254 of Republic Act No. 3815, also known as the Revised Penal Code.

Under Article 254, violators will face six months and one day to six years imprisonment.

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