Monday, December 9, 2013

Militant group lambasts Noy gov’t for gross human rights violations

From the Daily Tribune (Dec 9): Militant group lambasts Noy gov’t for gross human rights violations

Human rights group Karapatan yesterday assailed the administration of President Aquino for its gross human rights violations in the past three years, saying it will join other militants groups to commemorate the International Human Rights Day tomorrow with protest actions.

“The events that unfolded during the last half of the year had intensified such anger and discontent. It was not just the human rights victims crying for justice who pour into the streets, but a multitude of disappointed, dissatisfied, distrusting people from all walks of life,” the group said in a press statement.

Karapatan added that the people were enraged over the magnitude and impudence of corruption as divulged in the P10-billion pork barrel scandal, and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

“People were enraged with the negligence and apathy of the Aquino government over the plight of the victims of disasters, while the whole world were shaken and concerned,” it added.

The group also disclosed that Aquino is accountable for the 152 extra-judicial killings and 168 frustrated killings, 18 enforced disappearances, 358 illegal arrests and detentions on trumped up charges, tortures and other gross human rights violations, in his term, affecting a great number of the peasantry, indigenous people and urban poor dwellers.

“We hold Aquino accountable for the deepening poverty and intensifying oppression of the Filipino people. His public-private partnership program has rendered many poor and neglected sectors homeless and all the more deprived of social services. The people are increasingly suffering with the high rate of unemployment and the soaring prices of basic goods and commodities,” Karapatan stated.

“We also hold Aquino accountable for his gross negligence during disasters, such as that of typhoons ‘Pablo’ and ‘Yolanda’ that exacerbated the sufferings and anguish of the victims. While stocks of rice and relief goods rot in government warehouses, people are starving and dying, as he plays the blame game and later goes ‘selfie,’” the group pointed out.

The Karapatan also emphasized the frequency of US military exercises in the country and the continuing presence of American troops and war armaments revive the defunct US military bases. “The Aquino government is hatching an agreement to legalize their continuing and increased presence in the country. Furthermore, his ultimate puppetry manifests as he parrots US’ interest and sentiments in world forums,” it added.

The group also highlighted Aquino’s solution to the Zamboanga crisis and his blunder in handling the Sabah issue that have resulted to rights abuses and deaths of many of Moro peoples, as well as the surrender of our legal claim to Sabah.

“We hold Aquino accountable for his inaction. After a long and tedious battle by victims and their relatives for the enactment of the bills on enforced disappearance and martial law victims’ recognition and reparation, Aquino, wanting to impress on his posturing for human rights, finally signed the bills into law. However, his masquerade is uncovered by his inaction to implement the laws. Enforced disappearances still happen with brazenness and impunity boosted by the existence of the Order of Battle that the law has provided against. The Claims Board which will implement the indemnification law has not been constituted by Aquino 10 months after its signing,” the group said.

The group believes that Aquino’s bubble of “tuwid na daan” has burst and his so-called spell over the people, stemming from the reputation of his roots, has gone.

“We believe Aquino, too, must go. After all, popularity is not a license or a test to truly serve the people. And, the system he is dying to save is moribund and desperately needs a change,” the group averred.

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  1. KARAPATAN (The Alliance for the Advancement of People's Rights) is the main Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) human rights umbrella front organization. If memory serves, the group was formed in the mid-90s, following the ideological split that took place within the CPP. CPP-affiliated HR groups broke away from Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA) over several issues including whether the military wing of the CPP, the New People's Army (NPA) should be held accountable for its human rights violations. Of course the pro-CPP HR groups vehement opposed this and subsequently broke away to form KARAPATAN. KARAPATAN dutifully tows the CPP propaganda line to include opposing the presence of US military troops in the Philippines.


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