Monday, November 25, 2013

Joint task force finally locates ill-fated OV-10 Bronco 630

From the Philippine News Agency (Nov 25): Joint task force finally locates ill-fated OV-10 Bronco 630

The Joint Task Force Bronco announced Monday that it has finally located the ill-fated OV-10 Bronco 630 with the help of a local fisherman on November 23 off the shoreline of BM Beach, Barangay San Manuel, in this city.

According to Gen. Conrado Parra Jr., the OV-10 Bronco 630, which went missing on June 23, was located with the help of a local fisherman, who found its wreckage lying in the seabed approximately 8.1 kilometers off the coast of BM Beach, a popular city beach getaway in Puerto Princesa.

“With this development, eventual retrieval of the wreckage is now in place and being coordinated with all stakeholders, including the 15th Strike Wing, which will lead the investigation of the crash,” he told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in a telephone interview.

At present, Parra Jr. said the site where the wreckage has been located had been marked with mooring buoys for easy retrieval operation.

“We cannot touch the location until the 15th Strike Wing arrives, the soonest would be Wednesday. We have secured the place where it is located, and as soon as they get here, they will start retrieval operations, and then the investigation,” he said.

Parra Jr. described finding the OV-10 Bronco 630 as a positive and a little bit of closure on the long work the joint task force has continuously done since June this year.

“There are still many work to do, but to us it’s a sign of a little bit of closure on the long search for the Bronco plane. Definitely, we wish to thank the people for their support, especially the fisherman, who found the most important missing piece so investigation can already begin,” he stated.

The Bronco plane went missing following a night proficiency training flight conducted by Maj. Jonathan Ybanez and 1st Lt. Abner Trust Nacion with another same aircraft. The two remain missing as of press time.

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