Wednesday, May 16, 2018

DWDD: BALIKATAN 2018 | Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX)

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (May 15): BALIKATAN 2018  |  Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX)

CAMP GEN SERVILLANO AQUINO, Tarlac (DWDD) – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the United States Armed Forces showcased their capabilities in combined arms live fire exercise (CALFEX) and joint operations.

CALFEX is the culmination of staff planning between the two (2) armed forces, which focuses on enhancing the AFP Crisis Action Planning Capability in the Maritime Security and Territorial Defense Operations.

During the exercise, the AFP, in any given scenario can conduct Actions on the Ground and in the Air to seize objectives held by enemy forces. The USAF being a treat ally of the Philippines, will support our forces through combined operations.

The Philippine contingent is comprised of the 72nd Division Reconnaisance Company (DRC), Mechanized Infantry Company, the Philippine Marines, 500th Engineering Combat Battalion, Army Artillery Battalion and the Philippine Air Force (PAF), while the USAF exercise participant consist of Charlie Company and Delta Company of the 1-21st IN Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, and Echo Company of Victor 2-8, US Marines and US Air Force. AES / Photos by Lovely Q Guillermo / MCAG

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