Monday, March 26, 2018

Suspected Indonesian terrorist nabbed in Sultan Kudarat

From ABS-CBN (Mar 25): Suspected Indonesian terrorist nabbed in Sultan Kudarat

An Indonesian believed to be a terrorist was nabbed by members of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Sultan Kudarat, authorities said Sunday.

The suspect was identified as Mushalah Somina Rasim who also goes by his other aliases: Abu Omar, Musola Rasim Sumina and Musola Bin Rasim.

The NBI said they nabbed the suspect early this March while he was looking for the leader of "Anshar Khalifa Philippines" that has pledged support to the terrorist group Islamic State in the Palambang town.

The foreigner failed to show any passport nor immigration papers, according to the authorities, as the suspect reportedly entered the country through its southern backdoor.

The NBI found out that the Indonesian is facing charges for illegal possession of firearms and explosives in his home country. He also allegedly figured in a suicide bomb attempt in Ceribon, Indonesia.

The suspect is undergoing deprocessing and debriefing, they said, adding that a probe is underway.

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