Friday, August 18, 2017

Moro clans end dispute

From the Philippine News Agency (Aug 18): Moro clans end dispute

After two weeks of lobbying and negotiations, the Philippine Army based in Maguindanao successfully brought together warring Moro families to finally settle peacefully their conflict.

In a statement released here Friday, Col. Florencio Pulitud, commander of the 37th Infantry Battalion, said the settlement of “rido” (clan war), involving six Moro families in the towns of Barira and Buldon, both in Maguindanao, was part of the Army’s peace advocacy in partnership with local government units.

In his report to Maj. Gen. Arnel dela Vega, commander of the 6th Infantry Division, Pulitud said the Army efforts will continue to reach out to warring families in its area of jurisdiction.

“I would like to appreciate the families involved for coming over and show we all want peace in our communities,” Pulitud said.

He said the warring families agreed to end decades of bloody conflict that stemmed from territorial dispute and personal grudges. They signed peace covenant in front of police and military officials witnessed by family and clan members.

The Army official said major players in the peace covenant signing at the Army’s Camp Iranun in Barangay Tugaig in Barira were the families of Manalilsig, Gampong, Mamualas, all from Barira town and the families of Bantuas and Malambot family from Buldon.

Warring families also surrendered several firearms to military authorities to prevent them from using rifles in settling misunderstanding.

Pulitud admitted that “rido” has been preventing the attainment of peace and development in Muslim communities.

He said more “rido” settlement will come as the Army continues to reach out to other Muslim families locked in clan wars.

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