Monday, January 2, 2017

New People’s Army hail CPP on its 48th year

From the often pro-CPP online publication Northern Dispatch Weekly (NORDIS) (Jan 1): New People’s Army hail CPP on its 48th year

BAGUIO CITY — “With utmost respect, we give our highest salute to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as it celebrates its 48th founding anniversary,” says Ka Oris, spokesperson of the New People’s Army (NPA) in a statement furnished to local media.

This year on, December 26, marks another victorious year for the CPP as the Christmas holidays take a backseat for these revolutionaries to give way for a resounding celebration of their resilient stand against state oppression. Up to this time, the Party and its armed wing thrives in their noble struggle for a classless society.

Drawing the majority of their members from the proletariat, the Communist led revolution in the country is considered one of the longest. Since its re-establishment in 1968, the Party went on to organize its armed force the following year, the NPA. The following years witnessed how the Party waged their agrarian revolution designed to wipe out the fascist state’s oppressive economic programs that plunders the nation’s wealth for the benefit of imperialist foreigners leading to the abuse of social and political rights of the masses.

With the guidance of the CPP and together with Party cadres, the NPA applied the line of protracted people’s war, its strategy of encircling the cities from the countryside both in actual combat and in the over all conduct of waging war.

On its 48th year, the Party celebrates with a stronger and ever growing mass base from all over the Philippines. From its initial mass base in the first district of Tarlac, it now operates in thousands of barangays in more than 70 provinces nationwide and has taken root among the peasant masses.

In their statement, the NPA express their gratitude for the unwavering guidance of the Party in establishing an ever deepening mass support.

“The NPA adheres to and consciously upholds the absolute leadership of the CPP over the people’s army. The NPA owes it to the CPP for what it is now and what it has achieved,” says Ka Oris.

The CPP taught the NPA how to do mass work through class analysis and social investigation. It has guided the NPA in arousing the masses in the countryside and helping them mobilize and carry out antifeudal struggles and agrarian revolution, build their organizations and militias, and establish the people’s government from one level to another.

In the Cordilleras, revolutionary organizations for all sectors continue to expand and multiply. In Ifugao, considered one of the provinces under threat and targeted for imperialist plunder and exploitation of its rich natural resources by local bourgeois-compradors, the revolutionary arm wages a daily struggle to consolidate the toiling masses for campaigns against destructive energy projects forced onto them by monopoly capitalists aided by state forces.

Despite the unilateral ceasefire declared by President Duterte, in some parts of Ifugao as in other provinces, communities still experience brutality and harrassment from wayward and aggressive military operations by the notorious Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“The AFP’s Oplan Bayanihan is designed to wipe out the revolutionary forces that constitute the primary opposition to the designs of the monopoly-capitalists and their local partners,” says Ka Wigan Moncontad of the Nona del Rosario Command in Ifugao.

Unfazed by all these deceitful tactics, the NPA looks to the Party for correct analysis and estimate in fulfilling their duty to strike at the provocative combat operations of the AFP as well as to defend the rights and interest of the people.

In the region and all over the country, the Communist revolutionaries continue to build a wide range of mass bases by organizing and mobilizing a national campaign to eradicate the root causes of the ills of society and break away from imperialist initiated neoliberal policies.

“Only through the armed revolution that the CPP leads can we end imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism,’ added Moncontad.

At present, the CPP is engaged in peace talks with the Duterte Administration to forge a just and lasting peace. With their armed wing to protect and lay the foundation for social and economic reforms, the Communist party endeavors to advance the people’s interest in the ongoing negotiations with the government through the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). However, the people’s army are skeptic of the advantage of a ceasefire after the AFP refuses to heed the ceasefire and continue with their combat operations.

“In the event that the Party terminates the unilateral ceasefire declaration and orders to carry out offensives, all units of the NPA are ever ready to respond and carry out the order with full force,” says Ka Oris.

The NPA reinforces their trust on the guidance of the CPP to carry out their tasks as champions of the people’s cause.

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