Friday, March 20, 2015

WATCH: Navy SEALs, dancing inmates in 'Uptown Funk

Posted to ABS-CBN (Mar 20): WATCH: Navy SEALs, dancing inmates in 'Uptown Funk

Cebu Provincial Government shared Mary Catherine DelaSerna Codilla's video.
CPDRC Inmates with US Navy Seals.

Mary Catherine DelaSerna Codilla with Cpdrc Inmates
Had the rarest opportunity to share the dance floor with the enigmatic Cebu Dancing Inmates and two of the US Navy Seals for their private show! Feeling incredi...bly inspired and blessed from the three days me and my group spent filming in CPDRC. Made me realize so much and I treasure each smile, laughter and meaningful conversation there :'>
MANILA - Two U.S. Navy SEALs showed they could keep up with the Cebu Dancing Inmates in a private show in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

In the video uploaded by Mary Catherine Codilla on Facebook, the Navy SEALs and the Dancing Inmates grooved to the tune of ''Uptown Funk.''
The foreigners, amazed by the talent of the Cebu Dancing Inmates, took a selfie with them after the show.

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