Friday, March 27, 2015

Suspected BIFF tunnel discovered in Maguindanao

From ABS-CBN (Mar 27): Suspected BIFF tunnel discovered in Maguindanao

MAGUINDANAO - Government troops have discovered a tunnel allegedly used by members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) near the boundary of Barangays Meta and Iginagampong in the town of Datu Unsay in Maguindanao Thursday.

Soldiers accidentally discovered the tunnel while on foot patrol in the area after one of them slipped and landed on the tunnel. It is located 10 feet below the road, and is hidden behind trees and grass.

The tunnel is about 20 meters long and previously functioned as a water channel.
It is also located near the Army detachment in the area.

"Maraming instance na kasi na may naglagay [ng] IED malapit dito, target yung brigade commander ng Mechanized...tapos nagkahabulan din noon sa mga armado hindi sila napansin nawala kaagad mabilis masyado. So possible ito ang ginagamit nila paakyat rin ng hill 224 mga 200 meters kasi paakyat dyan hill 224 na. Nung makita rin ito may mga balot pa ng pastil," said Lt. Col. Gerry Cap-atan, commander of the Provisional Battalion of the 6th Infantry Division.

Authorities are planning to have the tunnel closed to prevent future use.

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