Thursday, March 27, 2014

72 former NPA rebels give up arm struggle

From the Philippine News Agency (Mar 27): 72 former NPA rebels give up arm struggle

Seventy-two former fully armed members of the outlawed New People’s Army (NPA) had formally surrendered to avail of the government’s “Gun for Peace and Social Integration Program,” a military official said on Thursday.

Captain Christian Uy, spokesperson of the army’s Public Affairs Division, said that the military has scheduled the turn over ceremony at the army’s 4th Infantry Division gymnasium here on Friday morning.

He said that the surrenderers, most of them former regular NPA members and members of the Militia ng Bayan, operates in the mountain areas of Northern Mindanao and Caraga Regions.

Uy said that 48 individuals came from the province of Bukidnon, 18 from Agusan del Sur, three from Surigao del Sur, two from Misamis Oriental, and one from Agusan del Norte.

According to Uy, the surrenderers turned over 41 assorted high powered firearms that included eight M16 A1 rifles, three AR18-M653 assault rifle, three M14 rifles, one Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), one AK-47, three M4 Carbine, four SMG-9mm-MK9, one KG9 sub-machine gun, and one M79 40mm GL, eight Carbine, 7 garand, one cal. 30 bolt-action rifle, and 28 low powered firearms that included three 357 revolver, 3 cal. 38 revolver, two 9mm UZI, one 9mm pistol, and one cal. 22 pistol.

Uy said that the former rebels would receive an equivalent cash value of the serviceable surrendered firearms base on the recommendation of the military’s evaluation committee.

These FAs cal. 38 (local made) P 12,000; 9mm Pistol (Glock, Sig-Sauer) P35,000; cal. 45 (colt/Swissvale/Ithaca/Remington) P 39,000; shotgun 12ga (Winchester) P 40,000; Rifle 5.56mm (Elisco M16) P45,000; Rifle 7.62 (M14) P 60,000; SMG 9mm UZI P 45,000; LMG 5.56mm (Ultimax) P93,000; HMG50 (M2HB) P 388,500; GL40mm (M203) P 40,000; Vintage Firearm 30 Springfield (M1903) 10,000; Homemade “Paltik” Firearm Shotguns (Any Gauge) P 2,000.

The military will also grant, if the returnees would avail, a one-hectare land to each of the rebel in Camp Kibaritan, Kalilangan, Bukidnon for possible coffee plantation where seedlings and technical assistance to be extended by government line agencies and private companies, Uy said.

He said that the Philippine Army had initially allocated a total of 200 hectares for the former rebels from its military reservation.

Uy said that Gen. Emmanuel T Bautista, Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines is expected to witness the ceremony along with other military top brass in Mindanao lead by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Rainier G Cruz III, Commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command (EASTMINCOM).

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