Monday, February 17, 2014

New superintendent aims for world-class PMA

From Solar News (Feb 17): New superintendent aims for world-class PMA

Maj. Gen. Oscar Lopez (inset) is the new PMA superintendent.

Maj. Gen. Oscar Lopez (insert) is the new PMA superintendent.

Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City – The command of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) was formally turned over Saturday afternoon in the presence of top officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).
Maj. Gen. Oscar Lopez, a cum laude graduate of PMA Dimalupig Class of 1981 and former chief of the AFP Resource Management Office, formally took over as superintendent of the country's premier military school with the retirement of Vice Adm. Edgar Abogado after 37 years in service.
Lopez stressed the importance of keeping the institution at par with international standards as it continues to open its doors to Thai, Singaporean, and South Korean military students through exchange in cadet agreements.
Lopez assumed the post in the presence of Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, AFP chief.
He stressed the importance of continuity in the reforms being instituted by predecessors by following the PMA Roadmap 2028, which seeks to improve the school by improving its facilities, curriculum, and training.
The premier military institution has since embarked on a reform of its programs to become a world-class military academy with the PMA Roadmap 2015 which eventually scaled up into a transformation guide as PMA Roadmap 2028, furthering the revised curriculum and training program in the military institution.
Bautista challenged Lopez to continue the legacy of former PMA superintendents by elevating the level of instruction of PMA graduates. He reminded the new superintendent that a world-class military institution is the foundation of a world-class AFP.
On the other hand, Abogado challenged the PMA Alumni Association Inc. which held its homecoming rites on Saturday morning, to continue in helping improve facilities of the academy as many classes have adopted classrooms, parks, facilities, and lodging quarters.
Lopez has served various positions in the Philippine Army, including command of the 803rd Infantry Brigade based in Northern Samar and the 8th Infantry Batallion based in Northern Samar. He was also chief of the Management and Fiscal Office of the AFP.

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